This blog gives a behind the scenes look at some of the activities that students on the BA Graphic Design course at Camberwell College of Arts get up to. For more information please go to the official course website, or our Instagram.


At Camberwell we specialise in the relationship between new digital technologies and traditional analogue technologies. We are not limited to one or the other. We are interested in the relationships between new and old, digital and analogue, concept and form, manufactured and handmade.


We choose carefully who we work with in industry. We have established on going relationships with the cultural sector. They include the South London Gallery, Poetry Library, Wellcome Collection and the V&A. We work with the public sector and run projects with the London Borough of Lambeth, Kings College Hospital and the Swiss Embassy. We are interested in education as an industry. Our students engage with pedagogical research and challenge the structure of the institution through their work.


The majority of our tutors are practicing graphic designers and artists running their own companies. Students receive a sustained working relationship with these leading figures from the Graphic Design profession. Industry lives within the course.

Course Leader

Robert Sollis, Europa (Acting)

Course co-ordinator
Year Leaders

Hannah Ellis (Acting)

Eleanor Vonne Brown (Acting)

Charlie Abbott, work-form

Theory co-ordinator
Guest Tutors and Lecturers 2019

Rose Nordin

Jeanette Osterried

Elena Papassissa

Collaborating Institutions

Victoria and Albert Museum

Poetry Library

South London Gallery

Swiss Embassy

Wellcome Collection

London Borough of Lambeth

Kings College Hospital


Design by Europa

Web development by Kieran Startup


Headings set in Flaxman Semi Bold, the only type cut for printing designed by Edward Wright and unique to the Camberwell letterpress workshop. This digital version is by Fraser Muggeridge Studio. Body text set in Impressum by Konrad Friedrich Bauer and Walter Baum.